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About Daniel Etten

I currently work as a Cloud Engineer for InSpark in the Netherlands. Together with Paul I started this blog to share our experiences with Azure to other Azure minded people and as a personal repo of Azure info.

Governance: Unable to find Azure subscription? Get access!

The other day I received a security incident from a Azure subscription that I didn’t recognize. As we have a lot of MSDN subscriptions linked to our tenant I tought it would be plausible that the security incident was raised from one of these subscriptions. However, how do you get… Read more »

Learning opportunities on Azure for free

Browsing Microsoft Learning catalog

At Microsoft Ignite 2018, Microsoft has announced a new way for learning Azure, Business Applications like Power BI and Dynamics and for Visual Studio called Microsoft Learn! Microsoft Learn delivers over 80 hours of learning material in 23 different languages and best of all – Microsoft Learn is free! Right after… Read more »

New Azure certifications announced

Today, 24th of September, Microsoft has announced six new job role-based certifications. Replacing the current skills bases certifications. The job role-based certifications are based on 3 job roles: Azure Administrator Azure Developer Azure Solutions Architecht Each of the role-based certifications consist off 2 exams (and 1 upgrade exam if you… Read more »

SubscriptionNotRegistered: The subscription is not registered

Have you ever run into the error “SubscriptionNotRegistered : The subscription [subscriptionId] is not registered “and didn’t find a solution to it? Keep reeding! When you add a new customer or subscription to Azure Stack and you would like that their usage is reported under their own Azure subscription connected… Read more »

Migrate from Azure Service Management to Azure Resource Manager

Introduction Recently we started to migrate all of our customers from Azure Service Management (also known as ASM or Azure Classic) to Azure Resource Manager (ARM). The reason we migrate everything to ARM are various. A few reasons are: RBAC on resources Use tags on resources Easier deployments (both new… Read more »

TimeoutError: Request to a downlevel service timed out.

Recently I was working on a migration from ASM to ASR where an ExpressRoute and VNET-to-VNET was involved. In this migration I wanted to migrate everything away from ASM to ARM. In documentation found on the internet I found how to move the ExpressRoute from classic to Resource Manager. However… Read more »

How to update Azure PowerShell?

Have you ever been in the situation that your Azure PowerShell command isn’t working? First try to update your Azure PowerShell version! How? Simple, by running the following command with local Administrator rights on your machine.

If you would like to now what has been changed in the latest release… Read more »