How I prepared for the 70-537 Azure Stack exam

I am not a great fan of certifications. I did not do a lot of them, my last certifications are based on the MCSA 2003 path. As I am working with Azure since a couple of years now and around 1 year with Azure Stack I thought it would be nice to give the Azure Stack certification a shot during the beta exam 70-537.

Prepare for the 70-537 Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft has, as always, listed the skills that will be measured during the exam listed on their page reflecting the information about the certificate Exam 70-537 Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack 

As the 70-537 is pretty new there is (very) limited training material available online. Microsoft has published a course at OpenEDX here, available for FREE until 30th June 2018. Another one is lised at Pluralsight. At this moment there is nothing listed on MeasureUp nor Udemy. Training locations starts to list the training which will prepare you for the exam.

Advise to prepare for the Azure Stack exam

My advise to prepare for the Azure Stack exam is to follow both the online courses from OpenEDX and Pluralsight. I also advise you to get some hands-on experience on Azure Stack either by the Azure Stack environment you have at work or by grabbing some hardware and install Azure Stack Development Kit. Furthermore some basic Azure (Public) knowledge could also come in handy during this exam.

When you have the feeling you know your way around in Azure Stack plan the exam and surprise yourself!

Exam passed

Exam passed

About Daniel Etten

My name is Daniël Etten. I work as a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft. Together with Paul, a former colleague of mine at KPN, I started this blog to share our experiences with Azure to other Azure minded people and as a personal repo of Azure info. Opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “How I prepared for the 70-537 Azure Stack exam

  1. Mohammed Amir Khan

    Iam looking for an azure stack certification. Can anyone guide me how do i prepare for the exam.

    1. Daniel Etten Post author

      Hi Mohammed,

      First of all, thank you for checking out my website!

      About your question, there are a few tips and tricks written in the blog post, but as you probably know it is not allowed to give you details about the exam.
      If you have no experience yet with Azure Stack itself I would advise you to start with setting up the ASDK version to get started.
      After having some experience with the ASDK version, you could look into different training materials online (like Pluralsight and OpenEDX).

      I hope this helps!

  2. Raymond

    hi mate, i just passed 70-535 , and thinking to get 533 or 537 in order to earn my MCSA title…. So in ur opinion, which one is much more better? I am IT solution architect. need to listen multiple advice. Thanks.

    1. Daniel Etten Post author

      Hi Raymond,

      The 537 is more on the operating side of Azure Stack, so I would recommend you to do the 533 exam, as lots of Azure (public) will come to Azure Stack also.
      I would suggest on waiting for the AZ-101 and AZ-102 exam to get out of beta (or, is it is still posible schedule the beta exams) as these would replace the 533 exam: /

      Regards, Daniël

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  4. Madhu

    Hi Daniel,

    I have fair bit of understanding about AzS and have completes 533,534,535 and now 537. I’ve done hands on AzS on ASDK and also HPE platforms. However I would like to know if the questions were specific ASDK only OR did also call out the Hardware Solution partenr type questions.

    Thank you

    1. Daniel Etten Post author

      Hi Madhu,

      The questions are on both ASDK as the one delivered from OEM’s.
      Not sure if there are any vendor specific questions are in the exam.


  5. Cristian

    I am finishing my way to MCSA Server 2012 r2 and need to plan out my MCSE. I’m in doubt about which way to go. I want to start working with the cloud, but I do not know if the 70-537 exam would be a good choice instead of the 70-413 / 70-414 exams. What is your opinion?


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