New Azure certifications announced

Today, 24th of September, Microsoft has announced six new job role-based certifications. Replacing the current skills bases certifications.

The job role-based certifications are based on 3 job roles:

Each of the role-based certifications consist off 2 exams (and 1 upgrade exam if you have passed the 70-532 / 70-533 and/or 70-535 in the passed.

Azure Apps and Infrastructure certification overview

As you could read in one of my previous posts you have the option to take a BETA exam for the newly announced exams. The exams for Azure Administrator looks to be AZ-100, AZ-101 and AZ-102  out of beta (no beta anymore in the title of the exams). 

Learn path for Azure Administrator overview

The exams for both Azure Developer and Azure Solutions Architecht are just published. You could take both of the exams with an 80% discount during the beta (only first 300 people and before a certain date)

Transition exams

So you have taken one of the Azure exams in the past? Well then you could take one of the upgrade or transition exams.

The upgrade exam for 70-532 is AZ202
The upgrade exam for 70-533 is AZ102
The upgrade exam for 70-535 is AZ302

MCSA or MCSE certification path

Are you already working on getting your MCSA / MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure? Until December 31, 2018 you can work towards receiving this certification. After this date the MCSA / MCSE certifications are completely focused on the Windows Server 2012 / 2016 exams.

MCSE overview as of 2019

Where to start with learning

Well, check out my newly posted blog post

About Daniel Etten

My name is Daniël Etten. I work as a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) at Microsoft. Together with Paul, a former colleague of mine at KPN, I started this blog to share our experiences with Azure to other Azure minded people and as a personal repo of Azure info. Opinions are my own.

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3 thoughts on “New Azure certifications announced

  1. Martin Scheyhing

    I’m trying to figure out what the 2 exams are for the new Azure Administrator role. You wrote “Each of the role-based certifications consist off 2 exams.” But the path looks like one would take either AZ-100, OR AZ-101, but not both (OR Z-102 for folks who already passed 70-533). So wouldn’t that make it just 1 exam?
    And what’s the purpose of the optional Fundamentals “role” (fundamentals is not exactly a role)? Is that a certification in its own already? Is there an Exam for that?

    1. Daniel Etten Post author

      Hey Martin,

      The AZ-100 and AZ-101 together represent the Azure Administrator certification (badge).
      When you look at the site where you can review the details of the exam (for instance AZ-100: you’ll see that it states “Part of requirements for : Azure Administrator”

      The Azure Fundamentals is for the real starters on Azure. There isn’t any certification for that. It is more a overview of Azure, rather then testing your knowlegde.

      Hope this helps! Regards,

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