Migrate from Azure Service Management to Azure Resource Manager

Introduction Recently we started to migrate all of our customers from Azure Service Management (also known as ASM or Azure Classic) to Azure Resource Manager (ARM). The reason we migrate everything to ARM are various. A few reasons are: RBAC on resources Use tags on resources Easier deployments (both new… Read more »

TimeoutError: Request to a downlevel service timed out.

Recently I was working on a migration from ASM to ASR where an ExpressRoute and VNET-to-VNET was involved. In this migration I wanted to migrate everything away from ASM to ARM. In documentation found on the internet I found how to move the ExpressRoute from classic to Resource Manager. However… Read more »

How to update Azure PowerShell?

Have you ever been in the situation that your Azure PowerShell command isn’t working? First try to update your Azure PowerShell version! How? Simple, by running the following command with local Administrator rights on your machine. Install-Module AzureRM -Force Install-Module Azure -Force If you would like to now what has been… Read more »

Speaking at Everything Azure

Yesterday I have spoken at “Everything Azure”, a KPN Internedservices event for customers and other people that are interested into the topics covererd.For this event we had the oppertunity to use the ‘Auditorium’ from Microsoft Netherlands at the Microsofts Headquarter in the Netherlands, Schiphol. “For a fixed price per month,… Read more »